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engaging visual communication to facilitate, educate, and broaden the understanding of complex information and concepts.

From DNA to Beer, Penicillin Infographic


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From DNA to Beer


News and announcements

Circulating Now - Partners in Illuminating Science

December 2014 | As a Guest Blogger for the National Library of Medicine's "Circulating Now" Web site, Link Studio Principal, Aline Lin describes the company's role in creating online exhibitions to educate and engage the public in the social and cultural history of medicine. Read more.

Designing for Health

November 2014 | AIA, Michael Kirkham and Link Studio partner up again in creating an interactive graphic to inform people about enhancing the physical and mental well-being of people who live, work, and play in our spaces. Read more.

Fast Company Infographic of the Week

April 2014 | Link Studio's collaborative work "Designing Communities, Shaping Health" work with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and illustrator, Michael Kirkham was recognized by Fast Company as the infographic of the week. Read more | View Interactive.

Link Studio Announces Partnership with Sidekick Solutions

March 2014 | Link Studio is pleased to announce it's partnership with Sidekick Solutions. Bringing together the expertise in software support for nonprofit organizations and the high-quality service that Sidekick Solutions consistently offers with our enthusiasm and dedication to user experience at Link Studio is an exciting partnership that will result in the ability to offer customers additional services to help them succeed. Read more.

National Library of Medicine - From DNA to Beer

November 2013 | From DNA to Beer: Harnessing Nature in Medicine and Industry has launched. The National Library of Medicine, in cooperation with the National Musuem of American History offers this online exhibition that explores some of the processes, problems, and potentials inherent in technologies that use life.

In addition to the web site design, web development, the creation of online interactives and logo design, Link Studio created custom infographics and animations to help communicate how some of these processes work. Explore these online actitivies.

The W3 Awards recognizes the site with a Silver Award in the category of Government Websites.

The American Institutes of Architects - Designing Communities and Shaping Health

November 2013 | The American Institutes of Architects, illustrator Michael Kirkham and Link Studio came together on a collaborative effort to launch a reponsive online interactive where users can explore how architectural design decisions can affect the mental and physical health of people in the buildings they shape.

Link Studio is creative agency that integrates engaging and user-centric design, technology and effective brand stragety to meet the needs of their clients. Link Studio also specializes in biomedical communications where our custom medical and scientific illustrations, animations, and infographics visually communicate your story. Explore how we can deliver effective visual communication for you. © Copyright by Link Studio, LLC, All rights reserved.